5 Starbucks Travel Mug You Need to Try This Year!

Travel mugs come in handy when traveling longer or even shorter distances. They are special mugs designed with materials like ceramic and double-walled features to keep your coffee warm for an extended period. Travel mugs come in different types and designs not only to keep your coffee warm but also looks good on your hands.

A perfect example is the Starbucks Travel Mug. The travel mugs by one of the leading coffee houses worldwide are high-quality and stylish. They are made from special materials like ceramic and stainless steel to keep your coffee warm for an extended period. The sturdy materials used in making them will also ensure these mugs offer extended service.

They are very different from the disposable paper mugs you get when you order takeaway coffee. You can also buy the Starbucks travel mug from online stores like Amazon. There are several Starbucks travel mugs you can opt for to enjoy the best experience moving around with your coffee.

The Best Starbucks Travel Mug

1. Starbucks Stainless Steel and Ceramic Travel Mug

Starbuck Stainless Steel Ceramic Travel Mug


It a more functional and stylish travel mug. With its no-drip top and dimpled copper blue double-glazed body, this pink Starbucks travel mug will keep your coffee warm for an extended period.

2. Starbucks Brushed Silver & Black Travel Mug

Starbucks Brushed Silver & Black Travel Mug


This Starbucks travel mug can hold up to 20oz of coffee. It will ensure you stay caffeinated for as long as you want. The Starbucks travel mug lid for this particular type is quite easy to use. It has a flip-top cover that will make you forget about any spills. This Starbucks mug is not safe for the dishwasher. It is meant for hand wash only.

3. 12oz Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug

12 Oz. Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug


Bears the actual logo of Starbucks coffee house. It is somewhat small compared to other travel mugs in our collection due to its 12oz liquid capacity, but it still has double walls for too boost heat stability.

4. 12oz Starbucks Holiday Travel Mug

12oz Starbucks Holiday Travel Mug


It has some bit of fancy design, but it is a pretty-looking mug. It comes equipped with a press-in lid, double-walled construction, and 12oz capacity. This Starbucks travel mug will keep your coffee or drink warm for hours.

5.Starbucks California Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Starbucks California Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


Part of Starbuck’s California collection unveiled in 2019, it is one of the craft mugs. It has a scale pattern meant to celebrate the passion and heritage of Starbucks’ emblem for “California Livin’ “. The double-walled feature in this mug will keep your coffee warm for a long.

Starbucks Travel Mug Buying Guide

Starbucks Travel Mug Buying Guide

Even though the Starbucks travel mug’s function is quite simple, you can get a lot out of it if you choose the right one. Not only in terms of design, but you can also enjoy the aroma, taste, and appearance of our favorite drink. Enjoy it, cold or warm. But first! Find the best mug with these tips:


The coffee must be taken at a suitable temperature to appreciate its qualities. In this sense, some materials are better for specific coffee preparations more than for others. For example, glass maintains heat for a short time, so it is used for coffees taken quickly. When it comes to the Starbucks travel mug, here are the materials you should look for:

  • Ceramics. It is a good quality material about its price. One of the most used since they have varied designs, maintain the temperature and are used for all types of coffee. We recommend this material for a travel mug for domestic or commercial use.
  • Porcelain. Porcelain is a slightly more delicate material. It is also available in many designs and shapes. It is capable of conserving temperature. We recommend this material for any aromatic variety of coffee, as it enhances these properties. You will come across a few types of Starbucks travel mug made from this material.
  • Metal. They are generally made of steel, are very resistant, and maintain the optimal temperature. This material is recommended to carry your cup of coffee everywhere, such as camping or any outdoor activity. Some models can even be put directly on the fire.
  • Plastic. It is accessible, malleable, and resistant. We can find Starbucks travel mugs recommended for travel situations or outdoor sports since you can easily carry them. They are light and last a long time.


It is very common to wonder why the differences in sizes. Each preparation is better to taste in a different cup since this will allow more or less other ingredients. Either way, they are mixed, observed, and their preparation and presentation can be managed better. Starbucks travel mugs come in different sizes. Look for the right size for your type of coffee.




Little 60 – 80 ml Espresso
Medium 150 – 200 ml Cappuccino
Big From 250 ml All kinds of coffee



It is proven that the perception of the aroma of coffee also affects its taste. To enjoy the best, it is necessary to have the indicated volume of liquid. In this way, space is left that allows the nose to be incorporated. This forms a degree of inclination that will enable us to appreciate all the coffee’s aromatic particles.

  • Mouth. The cup’s mouth allows the air to contact the liquid, and thus all the aroma of the coffee gets out. A smallmouth can concentrate heat and aroma very well, but it can be uncomfortable, leaving little angle for the nose. A largemouth allows a greater appreciation of aromas but will lose heat quickly. This varies in different Starbucks travel mugs, so you should take your time to compare and choose the best.
  • Body. If they have a long body, they do reduce the oxidation rate of the coffee. This will enhance different fruity flavors. They are ideal for African coffee. When the body is larger and broader, it allows rapid oxidation. This favors the appreciation of flavors, aroma, and body—ideal for sweet coffee, such as Brazilian coffee. You should also look into this quality carefully when buying your Starbucks travel mug.


Next, we will show you some extra factors to consider to choose a Starbucks travel mug that best suits your lifestyle and personal preferences. We recommend that you choose what gives you the best comfort and ease of use.

  • Top. This helps you prevent spills. It will depend on your personal tastes since not all coffee cups include it. We recommend using thermal coffee cups with a lid when you are traveling, work, or studies as it will allow you to move without worry.
  • Double-wall. The double-wall helps to handle the cup or glass without burning yourself as if it were a handle. In this way, you avoid burns and modify the temperature of the coffee. Choose the double-wall if you want to enjoy a comfortable, simple coffee cup that will allow you to observe the content carefully.
  • Handle. It helps to maintain the temperature of the coffee by avoiding direct contact with the hands. In this way, it also prevents burns. Although it will depend on your personal tastes, we recommend handling hot climates that do not require overheating your body. Not all Starbucks travel mugs have handles, but you can find some to suit your preferences.

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