Your Biggest Questions about Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

If you like mochas and macchiatos, you are probably familiar with the fluorescent light from the neighborhood cafe. It can be difficult to find a java maker who makes your specialty drinks and an expert unit, especially if you don’t want to hack an arm and a leg to cover them.

It may seem easier just to take care of the barista with the nose rings to receive your coffee the way you need it. We were in exactly the same boat, sailing the same waters, when we discovered the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker.

Our In-Depth Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker


You might know Ninja. They’re a company known for their blenders and juicers, and they’ve built a fantastic reputation for their high-quality products that work… well, like ninjas.

They recently switched their java attempts, and the results are just as great as you’d expect. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is everything we could want in a home coffee station. It has everything to help you prepare the best coffee.

If you’re planning on cutting the cable with your Starbucks, here’s a recap of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker that may open your eyes.

Using a dazzling array of features, functions, options, controls, and modifications, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker provides a personalized cup of coffee when and how you want it.

The first thing you will see about it is the absolute amount of material included in it. If you open the box, this is what you will remove:

  • Ninja Coffee Bar Unit
  • 227 g cold and hot cup
  • Milk frother
  • 40 Recipe Cookbook
  • Permanent filter
  • Coffee shovel
  • Glass carafe with a hot plate
  • Teaching manual

That’s a lot of equipment, and everyone has their place and function to brew a fantastic cup of java. Let us break them down.


Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review Performance

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker creates everything from hot drained java to frozen latte drinks. Part electronic and part made up of old-fashioned switches and dials. It will let you brew whatever you feel like boiling.

How would you like a regular black coffee without surprises? Or do you want a deeper, richer taste to wake you up from after a long night? Choose the “classic” or “rich” mode.

Are you a lover of brewed coffee drinks? Can you despise the melting ice, which waters down your drink to finish its tastelessness? Select the “on-ice” drink that will intentionally boost your java’s focus to accommodate melting ice later.

Do you like creating your own cappuccinos and milkshakes? Choose the “specialization” style to prepare cold and hot drinks, just like regional coffee. Who wants Starbucks when you have a ninja available?


The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker measures 4.25 x 4,12 x 15 inches and weighs only 37 kg. This is pretty normal for a brewing device, but many accessories can also require counter space. It’s not just a coffee machine; it’s a whole coffee. You’re going to need space to distribute everything.

When it comes to cup size, this coffee maker can create single-serve cups and large pots for the office. You can prepare modest glasses to consume with the morning paper or massive thermos to take along your journey. Speaking of a thermos, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker fits them into its brewing channel. You can choose between four different brew sizes for your drink:

  • Cup (269 g)
  • Travel mug (397 g)
  • Half carafe (539 g)
  • Total carafe (1077 g)

Again, this coffee maker is all about convenience, so pretty much anything is flexible. You are going to be in charge of your encounter with caffeine.

Features of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review Features

The best feature of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is its own Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence feature.

It’s a mouthful, but it means you only need a “bit” to get your coffee moving. The machine will automatically calibrate the essential temperature and water balance for your favorite beverage. You won’t have to worry about spoiling a little detail of your brew and destroying the entire carafe.

You can also take advantage of the thermal flavor extraction technologies of the Ninja coffee maker. This delicately calibrated mixing system will shape your drink while drawing the full flavor potential from your own beats.

There are also different features to enjoy in the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. For example, there is a “drip stop” button to know if you should stop your brewing without creating a mess. There is an automatic shutdown function that will stop the machine after 2 hours of inactivity.

You can even set the timer and then hit the “delay brew” button to brew your coffee at a predetermined time. Start it while you are still in bed; let it brew a cool cup every hour as you explore the types of workouts. Its clock can be adjusted to the exact moment and with the AM and PM hours.

Oh, and remember the milk frother! It is possible to add a nice layer of cream for a clean coffee drink by using this frother to aerate the two percent. It will taste just like a barista did, but you’ll each get the sparkling pleasure yourself. We love playing the frother as much as using it.

In One Look

  • You can get anything from a cup of coffee to a full carafe.
  • You can choose from simple, rich, or specialty ways to control your caffeine intake.
  • There are many practical alternatives to make your mornings a bit easier.


Several drawbacks make this coffee maker a perfect machine. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is an excellent coffee machine; there is little doubt. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the possible downsides of making it the primary source of coffee.

The major flaw of this Ninja Coffee Bar is its inclination to outdo its drinks. According to clinical evaluations, its internal temperature can be around 98 ° C, which is slightly too high for java’s best cup. You will have to remember that bitterness or only uses less “rich” brewing styles from their machine.


The layout of this Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker leaves a lot to be desired. Even though it tries to emulate the sleek, chrome look of high-end coffee makers, the simple truth is that it is made of vinyl. Most of the parts are black, so it’s not immediately noticeable as a cheap tool, but you won’t have the chance to fool anyone who uses it.

The Final Verdict

No coffee maker is ideal, but the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker creates a worthwhile effort. It will live up to its name by serving as a versatile coffee chain on your property. Whether you like regular, specialty lattes or black coffee with lots of ice cream and frothed foam, this machine can complete the job.

It’s not without its flaws, of course, but none of them stand out as a reason not to buy the device. If you are concerned about sour coffee, go for a normal brew style rather than an extra concentrated style. If you don’t like the plastic ribs of its own water tank, remember that plastic protects great technology.

You don’t even need to worry about the price. It goes for reasonable prices. You can find all of its functions and features without wasting all your paycheck! To conclude, this brand is more than just a coffee maker. It’s quite a Java experience wrapped up in one machine, and that’s why it’s one of our favorites.

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