How to Choose a Ceramic Travel Mug the right way!

For those who love portable caffeine, travel coffee cups come in a variety of styles. There are silicon and ceramic options, but most are made of stainless steel. When choosing the one that’s right for you, you need to consider the mug insulation (how long will you keep your latte or keep your coffee cold).

You also need to think about the money you want to spend and how additional features like the built-in French press need a handle. A ceramic travel mug is a popular option among many because of its benefits over other types. In this article, we will look at some of the best ceramic travel mugs and their benefits.

Why Should You Choose a Ceramic Travel Mug?

The top benefit of ceramics is the absence of dangerous materials or elements that add impurities or unwanted flavor to your drink. The downsides are that they break easily and are heavier. As far as insulation goes, they perform pretty well, especially double-wall ceramic mugs, but they lag behind stainless steel mugs.

If you value purity, then you should opt for a ceramic travel mug. If you need a travel mug that does not contain harmful materials or will not add impurities to your drink, a ceramic mug is the best option. The other good thing about them is that they can be cleaned easily. Those who value durability and portability can go for the stainless steel type. It is the same if you want the most insulating cup.

The Best Ceramic Travel Mugs

Here are the best ceramic travel mugs, my personal top 5 that’ll come in handy if your completely new to this topic! Check it out!

1. Asobu Ultimate Stainless Steel Ceramic Inner Coating Insulated Mug

Asobu Ultimate Stainless Steel Ceramic Inner Coating Insulated Mug


It is a perfect product from the Asobu brand with simple features and an unsatisfying design. However, it offers the best results by keeping your drinks fresh. This is the best low-key travel mug.

This ceramic travel mug has an inner coating with two-walled vacuum insulation. There is no need to word about losing your coffee flavor when you have such a combination. If you are looking for a ceramic mug with a lid, then this is the best option. It has a push-on cap that perfectly fits the mug, reducing any chances of spillage or heat escaping.

Because the unit’s outer layer is made of stainless steel, this ceramic travel mug will serve you for an extended period. It has a round handle that does not tran sfer heat easily. You will have the most comfortable grip always. It is a strong travel mug that offers the best performance for any beverage you keep in.

2. Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug with Taste Ceramic Coating

Fellow Carter Mug Ceramic Coating


It is ideal for coffee and tea and comes with a mesh filter and two lids. This ceramic travel mug has a larger capacity. Compared to 300ml (10,1 oz.) or 450ml (15,2 oz.) ceramic mugs, this mug has a 500ml (16,9 oz.) larger capacity for better conserve your beverage. You can enjoy more tea or coffee every time. It also has three accessories. The teacup comes with two ceramic lids (for indoor and outdoor use) and a stainless steel strainer. Well-equipped accessory options make it an all-rounder at home, in the office, and even in vehicles.

3. Ello Jane Ceramic Travel Mug

Ello Jane Ceramic Travel Mug


Ello Jane Ceramic Travel Mug is a stylish and practical option that’s perfect for coffee drinkers who want to avoid plastic and are put off by specific maintenance instructions for the metal thermos. Unlike other mugs on this list, the Jane is dishwasher and microwave safe, fits perfectly in your vehicle’s cup holder.

It also has a ceramic handle so that you can hold it without any worries in hot weather. It also has a small silicone “boot” on the bottom that doubles as a built-in roller coaster. If you’re frustrated with metal travel cups that require regular handwashing and need a BPA or BPS-free and an alternative to plastic that is PVC-free, Ello Jane ceramic travel mug may be the ideal option for you. It has an 18-ounce capacity and comes in four different colors: coral, denim, gray, and mint.

Some users complain that this mug does not have the insulating ability of typical metal travel mugs. It’s made of coarse ceramic, so you can expect it to stay warm just a little longer than a regular cup of coffee (most reviewers give it about 30-45 minutes). But, if you’re looking for an alternative to metal, this mug’s microwave-safe capabilities should help make up for the lack of insulation.

4. Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug

Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mugs


It is an ideal ceramic travel mug from a top coffee house Starbucks. This mug has a splash guard and double-wall construction, making it the best to keep your coffee warm while on the move. It can hold up to 12 ounces of fluid. The locking lid in this travel mug is ideal for minimizing spillages when secured correctly. You can buy it from online stores like Amazon.

5. CeramiSteel Ultimate Insulated Travel Mug

CeramiSteel Ultimate Insulated Travel Mug


Suppose you are looking for a simple travel mug design that perfectly fits in any cup holder as it gives you the best carrying capacity. In that case, CeramiSteel is an option you should consider closely. This ceramic travel mug is available in an attractive turquoise color, which is very appealing in your hands.

It has a smooth ceramic lining in its interior, which ensures you get the perfect taste for any beverage of your choice. The mug also has a double-walled vacuum installation, which acts as an ideal heat barrier. This will keep the interior temperature fully controlled. The acrylic lid of this particular unit ensures your beverage is correctly sealed and stops spillage.

This ceramic travel mug is made of strong stainless steel materials containing rims lined with ceramic. You will enjoy a lightweight travel option with this mug, which will not affect the taste of your favorite beverage in any way. Also, you should not worry about dropping it because it is very strong and durable.

Ceramic Travel Mug Buying Guide

Ceramic Travel Mug Buying Guide


Here is what to consider when buying your ceramic travel mug.


Since we do not all have the same need during the morning, the first element to consider and that stands out in any comparison of ceramic travel mugs is the product’s capacity. This capacity is variable depending on the different models to choose the most suitable for your specific need. For example, we can find mugs with capacities close to a third, the equivalent of a soda can and the most common format, while others expand this size to half a liter or even more.

If this is too much, some models stay at a quarter-liter. Do not forget that the larger the capacity of the chosen cup, the larger its dimensions will normally be.

Heat Maintenance

The ceramic travel mug’s idea is to maintain the initial temperature of the drink, either hot or cold, to prevent it from losing its proper drinking temperature during the hours.

For this, this mug has a thermal maintenance system based on specific materials for this purpose, with which you will avoid losses of cold or heat as the hours go by. Normally, the different products usually indicate how long they are responsible for maintaining the temperature and the expected loss over time.

This element makes the difference in how much the product costs, since the higher the thermal maintenance requirement, the more material the product has and the higher its cost. However, this also has to do with the closure format since if the closure is not waterproof, we will probably lose heat or cold over time, so it is another element to consider.


The idea of ​​ceramic travel mugs is to take them with you wherever you want. To do this easily, you need to consider a few issues. The first is the ability to seal the product.

We have already spoken before that this element is essential to avoid temperature losses and prevent the product from spilling into our bag or backpack, staining everything we carry. Another important aspect is the product’s overall weight, of the sum of liquid and cup, that the smaller it is, the better.

At this point, the product’s weight makes the difference since the less empty weight the mug has, the easier it is to carry. And to conclude, within this convenience, it is also convenient to see if the product has an easy-to-grasp handle to be able to drink and see the possibility that the cup has a nozzle to drink directly, without having to open the product.

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